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    Gushers (likewise alluded to as Fruit Gushers or White Gushers) is an indica-predominant crossover that is a hybrid of Triangle Kush and Gelato #41. … With hints of harsh tropical natural product, spices, and treats, the flavor generally coordinates with the smell.

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    White Gushers assumes the presence of sparkling white pieces as her dark green shade is almost concealed by a rich layer of trichomes. Her intensity can differ significantly, going somewhere in the range of 15% to 25%, so it’s prompted that you focus on the thing you’re buying. This current strain’s flavors and fraances do contrast somewhat from one another, however both are similarly satisfying

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    As you inhale, the room will fill with notes of sweet berries and tangy citrus, making this a great option for those who like sweeter strains. White Gushers tends to taste like tropical fruit with a spicy berry finish.

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    Named for the delectable treats, Gushers welcomes on the flavors with a blend of harsh tropical leafy foods velvety treats in every single toke. The smell follows a similar profile, despite the fact that with a marginally home grown suggestion and bits of hot grape.